Machines for the glass processing

Born from the real operative necessities of who, like you, works every day with glass to obtain high quality products for its clients. The Zafferani machines are products of a search for the maximum constructive and operational simplicity, in order to have them at advantageous prices and so to permit also to the smallest companies to carry out complex operations of quality, rapidly and in complete security.


Are you looking for simply, low cost and reliable products?  Find the right machine for you among chamfers, millings, washing machines, adgers, separators and drillers.

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Second hand

The life of the Zafferani machines is very long, so long that some machines return to the factory to be reconditioned and return to a new life and work in other companies. If you are

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Spare parts

The Zafferani machines are made to be solid and last for many years. But also them, sometimes, feel the passing of time and some part may yield after a long use. If your 

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Why choose us?

Because at Zafferani we have joined the marketplace’s needs with the competences and the experiences gained in over half a century of activity.
Because from this, the generation of new machines is born, which unifies the solution of the marketplace’s needs with the historical reliability, economy and simplicity of use.
Because this allows to small companies as well to carry out complex processings of glass, which were until now possible only at elevated costs and so reserved only to the bigger companies.

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